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A Guide to Enjoying Online Porn

In today’s age of free information, almost all of us knows what pornography is. Porn sites, pirated porn movies, and file-sharing through social media have all contributed to the dispersion of porn content. And here, we won’t talk about how porn can be harmful to you. Instead, this article is written specifically for those who embrace pornography.


Get the Most of Free Trials and Promos

Porn for free is certainly a good thing, but even better is the premium materials. A paid membership will give you much more quality videos, varieties of genres, and extended content. If you have not noticed, free access rarely allows you to watch videos that are 20-minutes long or more. And free trials will get you those privileges without having to pay a dollar. One way to get the most of this feature is by signing up for a membership and agree to test out the free trial. You do not need to worry when the website asks you for credit card information because you can cancel the subscription later.

After that, enjoy the porn! But after four or five days, you should contact the customer line and asks if there are promos for you. Usually, some packages are not written on the front page so that they can be used to negotiate with the client in case they want to cancel the subscription. In this case, the client is you, and the chances are that they will give you promotional offers if you ask first. Examine the deals and see if any of them attracts you. If you find none, then do not hesitate to cancel.

Try the Live Sessions

perky figureSites like Chaturbate and Twystis have their performers do some live sessions, which can be just the right solution if pre-recorded porn feels lifeless and rigid. Some platforms even integrate their content with interactive sex toys. Usually, you are required to buy some virtual coins first. And those will be the currency of the sexual acts that you ask the performer to do.

If you want to have more fun and thrill, try to engage in a live session with professional pornstars. Eva Lovia, Dani Daniels, Taylor Vixen, and Emily Addison are some names that once had live sessions. If you have your own favorite, try to follow her on her social media. Usually, pornstars announce when and where they will have the live session.

Wear the VR Headset

vr headsetWhat can be more erotic and sensual than having the porn act as realistic as possible? And nowadays, we have just the right technology for that. A VR (Virtual Reality) headset costs you around $200 to $600, but it will be a worthy investment because you can also use it for erotic games and watching regular movies.

However, not all platforms are VR compatible. Therefore, if you plan to get a paid membership, make sure that your money goes to a provider with features that include VR.…

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Tips for Sizzling Hot Sex With your Partner

Sex has over time developed into an act of pleasure which can be attained instantly. Whereas it used to something only for intimate and married couples, now the concept of friends with benefits is popular that sex exists between two strangers. It is vital that partners keep things exciting and fresh. New experiences can bring about heightened levels of satisfaction and orgasm as well as new thrills.

If sex has become a little humdrum for you and your partner and you want to spice it up, the following tips will help you get things steamy and hot.

Look for Erogenous Zones

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Couples are creatures of habits, even when it comes to where and how we touch each other according to studies. Therefore, make an effort of touching your partner in different areas than where you usually do. You may find sensitive areas that you never knew existed on their bodies.

Switch up Things

If you always lay on the right and your partner on the left, try switching sides. You may be forced to use opposite hands to touch, and this will feel different for both of you. It can take time to get used to at first, but this change will bring excitement.

Sexy Fantasies

If you have risqué or saucy fantasies, share them with your partner. It is best to start with the tamest fantasies and see your partner’s reaction. For instance, talk about your fantasy of having sex in the backseat of your car and see how they respond. You can then move up to the fantasy of bending over the hood.

New Positions

sex positionMost partners tend to stick to one or two sex positions according to research into bedroom habits. You will often not even realize it has become a routine. Therefore, switch up things. For example, if you often have sex in the spooning position, you can easily turn to the front and switch to doggy position. New positions will bring new sensations, and you will be surprised at what you have been missing. You can watch xvideos for some amazing sex positions.

Bedroom Games

Adding fun into your bedroom activities is easy with simple games. You can, for instance, blindfold your partner and have them guess what part of your body you are using to touch them. It can be your nose, toe or tongue. The blindfold increases tension and heightens sensitivity.

These sex tips are meant to increase your desire for adventurous sexual experiences. You can try them out and discover what best works for you. You can even mix them up for the ultimate sexual experience.…

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